Sany Europe Training

SANY provides a three step training system, giving SANY Dealers the possibility to obtain a high level of knowledge on SANY products as well as continuous technical training and development in a optimized learning setting. By attending trainings as much as possible,SANY guarantees a detailed knowledge transfer following the latest design of the product.Through the three step training system we ensure that all Dealer service staff obtain the same level of knowledge before attending into a further training step, which increases the training effectiveness.

The first step, an online training program, provides the new service staff or new dealer with basic trainings on product,engines, hydraulic systems, electric systems and a entry test for the second step. Next this there can be found short but detailed information on SANY philosophy, modern production facilities, contact persons within the company and several information movies and presentations etc. to get familiarized with SANY as company.

The second step will provide more detailed knowledge on the product, which reduce troubleshooting time resulting in fewer machines down time. This consists of the operation and maintenance of our product, basics of hydraulic and electrical schematics and machine operational principles.

The thirds step will be specifically focused on the main components and troubleshooting of a model or model range.

The chapters of each training are covered in detail in classroom and practice; there will be products, tools and testing equipment available for exercises in our ‘hands on’ training area. The successful completion of our three step training system provides trainees with special and high level knowledge of SANY products and the possibility to reach the SANY Product Specialist status. All trainings at the Sany Training Academy are in conjunction with our SANY product service engineers and SANY design engineers, together we offer continuous training development and improvement.

We provide on- site training at your location for all SANY products, to ensure that driver-operators have complete knowledge of equipment controls and procedures and are able to master our latest improvements and innovations in design and capability. This comprehensive training can be as part of new equipment induction, up-grades, for new personnel or simply refreshing and building experience. Tailor-made training programs designed to meet your specific needs are also available upon request.