SANY (officially SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company headquartered in ChangshaHunan Province. It is the sixth-largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world. It is the first in its industry in China to enter the FT Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000 rankings

The name ” SANY ” comes from the English pronunciation of the Chinese name of the company (Chinese: 三一; pinyin:Sānyī), which means “three ones”, in reference to the three goals the company mentions as its vision:

  • To build a first-class enterprise,
  • To foster first-class employees,
  • To make first-class contributions to society.

The logo of the company makes reference to this phrase, as it contains three number ones interlinked.

Currently SANY Group has built 25 manufacturing bases, six sales regions, and over 100 offices with more than 400 agents and 8,000 suppliers worldwide. In China, SANY has established six industry parks in Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenyang, Kunshan and Urumchi. With global R&D centers and manufacturing bases in the US, Germany, India and Brazil, SANY’s products are exported to 150 countries and regions. The company has approximately 90,000 employees worldwide.

SANY Europe is part of the SANY Group, a global manufacturer for construction equipment. SANY Europe GmbH has its headoffice at Bedburg in Germany since 2011.

Our main products are hydraulic excavators, crawler cranes, port machinery and piling machinery. These machines are specifically developed for the European market by our local R&D team and offer unique combination of performance, power and values to our customers and dealers in this very demanding market.

The machines are distributed through a European wide network of dealers which also cover service and maintenance works for SANY customers. The SANY Europe team is dedicated to the delivery of highest quality both in terms of manufacturing and customer services.

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