With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing spare parts, we can offer a full range of accessories for trucks, trailers, vans and buses. All spare parts are of top quality and go through continuous controls based on the company’s specialized quality system. Grantex provides spare parts that cover the air brake system, suspensions, axle parts as well as mechanical parts. We also provide equipment for workshops, which allow professionals to work more efficiently with the spare parts and offer more effective services.


Grantex has an updated range of spare parts for the air brake system. Components such as air valves, EBS – ABS – ECAS, bellows, valve sets, etc. fully cover all types of trucks, buses, vans and trailers.


A wide variety of high quality spare parts specifically for axles, has been added to our already rich product catalogue. We offer numerous axle parts, such as brake discs, brake drums, wheel hubs, calipers, caliper kits, camshafts, adjusters, etc. for all well known models, in order to meet our customers’ demands to the maximum.


Grantex has developed such a wide range of spare parts for the suspension system, that can offer comprehensive solutions with a full range of accessories, such as air suspensions, shock absorbers, cabin shock absorbers, etc. – suitable for all types of vehicles.


We provide a rich list of mechanical parts for all major brands of vehicles to fully cope with the needs of our customers. Compressors, clutch servos, steering pumps, canopy jacks are some of the products included in our updated catalogue.