Lambda sensors

Wide Range
Most vehicle manufacturers place their trust in Bosch lambda sensors. Bosch supplies lambda sensors for 85% of all vehicles.

Reduced Fuel Consumption, Lower Emissions: Bosch Lambda Sensors
Lambda sensors are subject to extreme conditions. A properly functioning lambda sensor forms the basis for reliable engine operation and thus fuel economy, low pollutant emissions, and good exhaust gas values.

Optimally Tailored to Every Model
Bosch lambda sensors are available for most vehicles. They are unbeatable thanks to their long service life, excellent operation, and optimum engine compatibility. They make a significant contribution to saving the driver money and protecting the environment.

Just as the Inventors Intended
Bosch invented the lambda sensor and is first choice for lambda sensors around the world. An annual production of around 45 million lambda sensors impressively demonstrates the high production expertise delivered by Bosch. It therefore comes as no surprise that most vehicle manufacturers put their trust in Bosch lambda sensors