Brakes from Bosch

No compromises when it comes to safety

Bosch is an internationally renowned brake manufacturer with production facilities around the world working to exceptionally stringent quality standards. More than 10,000 products guarantee a high level of market coverage – from individual components right through to complete systems. As pioneers in the field of electronic driving safety, Bosch can also guarantee excellent functionality in this sector thanks to intensive research and close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers.

Disk Brakes from Bosch

Guaranteed safe driving

Disk brakes have to be dependable. And disk brakes from Bosch are even more dependable than good quality might lead you to expect. Thanks to the use of high-grade materials they can be relied upon to master even extreme loads. Just one example: On full braking, the braking power is several times greater than the engine power. Temperatures in excess of 750° C can then occur between the pad and the brake disk. Only the absolute top quality is able to withstand such extreme thermal and mechanical stress over the course of time – in other words, Bosch quality.

Quality Brake Pads from Bosch

Brake pad cross-section

  1. Friction material: Specially selected for the vehicle application concerned
  2. Underlayer: Optimizes compressibility andreduces heat transfer
  3. Adhesive: High shear strength, attaches friction material to backing plate
  4. Backing plate: High material strength
  5. Damping plate: Improved comfort